This bibliography will be continuously added to and is to provide free resources available on the internet. It consists of Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Lexicons, Ancient authors and a particular emphasis on Jewish sources, that otherwise may be difficult to find that will help in studying Biblical topics. I have personally spent years searching the web for such resources and am providing these to whoever pursues such research (particularly Bible college students). I plan to make this competitive with the top bible software that cost thousands of dollars, though i cannot offer new books due to copyright laws. If anyone is familiar with a website that is not included on this bibliography and thinks it may be profitable to add, please contact me and I will view the site for consideration.

Biblical Text

Ancient Authors

Bible Commentaries

Bible Maps


Defense of the Received Text/King James Version


Bible Dictionaries

Church History


Jewish Sources

Heretical Sources


  • Free eBooks by Heath Henning
  • Free books by David Cloud Over 70 titles are available for free. Written from a fundamental independent Baptist perspective, these books range from multitudes of topics – New Evangelicalism, Mysticism, cults, false teachings – some of the best resources on CCM and the King James Version. Books available in PDF, Kindle or ePub formats.
  • Free eBooks by Martin and Deidre Bobgans This couple has spent a life time refuting psychology and warning Christians about the dangers of being involved with it.
  • Free Books from Classic Christian authors of the past at CCEL (Christian Classical Ethereal Library): Hundreds of titles are available – some good, some bad. The best are already linked in this list. An endless resource for anyone’s research. Searchable by title or authors name, most are readable online or can be downloaded to any mobile device.
  • Free books, articles, Journals, etc., from libraries around the world. This is the most extensive archive of free books on the internet I am aware of.
  • Google Books: This is supposed to be the largest data base of books but it often has large gaps missing from the text so I don’t personally care for this site.
  • The Gutenberg Project is a website with many free ebooks to download, not all Christian sources but has a Christian section
  • HathiTrust Digital Library:
  • Audio Books:
  • Galaxies Software This site is not free. For $50 a year or $5 a month, this site offer access to 33 conservative, evangelical theological journals that extend over 100 years back.