Crept In Unawares: Mysticism by Heath Henning is available for purchase here.

From the back cover…

Jude warned, “For there are certain men crept in unawares,” which implies the apostasy is not an accidental development. This book documents the ancient pagan Mystery religions planned infiltration of churches in the early centuries and their contemporary counterpart, known as the New Age movement, permeating modern Christianity. In the past this paganized Christianity was called Gnosticism.

Heath Henning proposes that the apostasy leading up to the antichrist, and essentially the antichrist himself, will follow a revised form of Gnosticism. Gnosticism gained a stronghold in the early centuries because its participants were introduced to ancient mystical practices. These same spiritual exercises are being promoted by modern Christian leaders and has been accepted by an alarming number of professing Christians.

A mystical event will cause one to cast off any objective authority, such as the Bible, to exalt the subjective experience as a greater source of truth. Often a person will change their interpretation of the Bible for the purpose of justifying their experience. Some of the most outrageous heresies have been preached or promoted in recent “Christian” publications, and these false teachers are being recognized as authoritative across the world.

Equip yourself with the facts to protect your family and church from the intrusion of mysticism. Learn to discern the truth from apostasy. Contend for the Biblical faith and stand against the compromise of this age.

Excerpts from the book

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Crept In Unawares: Mysticism by Heath Henning is available for purchase here.