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Tertullian described the initiation of the Mithras cult which thrived during his day. “The soldier of Mithras is initiated… At the sword’s point, a crown is presented to him, as though in mimicry of martyrdom. It is then put on his head. But he has been admonished to resist and cast it off or move it to his shoulder, saying that Mithras is his crown. Thereafter, he never allows himself to be crowned. And this is his mark to show who he is [a worshipper of]… So a person is immediately believed to be a soldier of Mithras if he throws a crown away, or if he says that he has his crown in his god.”1)Tertullian, The Ante-Nicene Fathers, ed. Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson; 1885-1887, Hendrickson, 1994, Vol. 3, p. 103; also cited by David W. Bercot, Editor, A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs, Hendrickson Publishers, 1998, p. 454 Similarly, to enter Masonry, the initiation involves a sword pressed to the bare left breast. “In the ‘History of Initiation’ by Oliver, we find the origins of this ancient practice in the Persian mysteries where the initiates were met by the point of the sword being pressed into their left breast.”2)http://www.evangelicaltruth.com/chapter4.html, accessed 2/29/12
The Mormon/Mason connection reveals a history worth being refreshed on in case it becomes due time for repeating itself.

Rather than spiritual enlightenment, the apostates [those who left Mormonism] claimed, the ceremonies had revealed to them plots directed against the political and moral order of the United States….
In the nineteenth century people who already feared the alleged conspiratorial aims of the Masons saw the founding of the Nauvoo lodge as proof of their worst fears about Joseph Smith. To many Christian ministers, Mormonism’s occult connection through Masonry was proof of its godless attempt to overturn the standards of Christian scripture.3)R. Laurence Moore, “The Occult Connection? Mormonism, Christian Science, and Spiritualism,” in Howard Kerr and Charles L. Crow, ed., The Occult In America: New Historical Perspectives, The University of Illinois Press, 1983, p. 142

Peter Cartwright (1785-1872) related in his autobiography of meeting Joseph Smith. “At an early day after they [the Mormons] were driven from Missouri and took up their residence in Illinois, it fell to my lot to become acquainted with Joe Smith personally, and with many of their leading men and professed followers. On a certain occasion I fell in with Joe Smith, and was formally and officially introduced to him in Springfield, then our county town. We soon fell into a free conversation on the subject of religion, and Mormonism in particular”4)Peter Cartwright, Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher, original printing 1856, reprint by The Christian Book Gallery undated, p. 341 Cartwright explains the original intent of Mormonism and Joseph Smith himself was to dominate religion and government.

In the first place, he [Joseph Smith] made his onset on me by flattery, and he laid on the soft sodder thick and fast. [Saying] “if you would come in and go with us, we could sweep not only Methodist Church, but all others, and you would be looked up to as one of the Lord’s greatest prophets. You would be honored by countless thousands, and have of the good things of this world all that heart could wish.”Peter Cartwright, Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher, original printing 1856, reprint by The Christian Book Gallery undated, p. 342))

After a stern reproof from Cartwright, the account continues as he recollects.

My friend, Joe Smith, became very restive before I got through with my narrative; and when I closed, his wrath boiled over, and he cursed me in the name of his God, and said, I will show you, sir, that I will raise up a government in these United States which will overturn the present government, and I will raise up a new religion that will overturn every other form of religion in this country.”5)Peter Cartwright, Autobiography of Peter Cartwright: The Backwoods Preacher, original printing 1856, reprint by The Christian Book Gallery undated, p. 345

Sampson Avard, leader of the Mormon militia that murdered, burned and plundered houses wreaking havoc across the land, testified in trial that:

I consider Joseph Smith, Jr., as the prime mover and organizer of this Danite Band. The officers of the band, according to their grades, were brought before him, as a schoolhouse, together with Hiram Smith and Sidney Rigdon: the three composing the First Presidency of the whole Church.
Joseph Smith, jr., blessed them, and prophesied over them: declaring that they should be the means in the hands of God of bringing forth the Millennial Kingdom. It was stated by Joseph Smith, jr., that it was necessary this band be bound together by a covenant, that those who revealed the secrets of the society should be put to death.6)Sampson Avard’s Testimony, The 26th Congress, Second Session, p. 1; as cited by Ed Decker & Dave Hunt, The God Makers, Harvest House, 1984, p. 223

Joseph Smith’s obviously was influenced by Masonry with the idea of covenants of secrecy and the goal of ushering in the millennial Kingdom similar to the ideals of Hitler.


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Heath Henning
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