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How Drugs are an Introduction to Occultism

An article in The International Journal of Social Psychiatry (Spring, 1971) dealt with the reality of demon possession and how to diagnose it, and gave the following instruction: ‘There is a need to ascertain if there is and involvement in drug addiction, as it is common that addicts, especially with heroin and alcohol, become involved in black magic and vice versa… (Some) have been known in some cases to have been very religious people who defaulted, and thus left themselves open to some power other than God to control their lives.’
The interesting thing to me is that in many cases with which I am familiar the person first used drugs, then got into witchcraft. But when a deep involvement with the occult followed, drugs were eventually dropped in favor of the more powerful experience with spirits.1)Hal Lindsey, There’s a New World Coming, Vision House Publishers, 1973, p. 146

Sadly, this was written hypocritically by Hal Lindsey, a New Evangelical author, who both smokes and drinks.

The former leading voice for the New Age movement, Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, actually neglects to add this subject to the list of “psychotechnologies” (things that cause an entry  into the occult) on page 86-87, but acknowledges it all throughout the 448 pages of her book. In the Appendix A of her book (p 418-420) she shows the response result of her questionnaire. When questioning which path led the individuals into their paradigm shift of consciousness, she presented her result with this statement.

Many respondents chose not to answer the questions relating to former or present use of major psychedelic drugs. Thirty-nine percent of all respondents acknowledged that psychedelic experiences had been important in their own transformative process; 28 percent said they still used psychedelics on occasion; 16 percent said psychedelic experiences continue to be important to them.2)Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, J.P. Tarcher Inc., 1980, p. 419

This probably does not come to surprise many people that psychedelic drugs are in actuality a gateway to the occult. Incas used coca leafs for religious rituals and Native Americans still to this day use psilocybin mushrooms and peyote. Shamans or witch doctors use such mind altering herbs to have spiritual contacts and receiving revelations from the spirit world. Marilyn Ferguson states the same thing about the Aquarian Conspirators. “The annals of the Aquarian Conspiracy are full of accounts of passages: LSD to Zen, LSD to India, psilocybin to Pschosynthesis.” 3)ibid, p. 90 Popular drug icon from the sixties, Timothy Leary, admits this in his personal testimony. “I started visiting the Vedanta ashram. It was a surprise and delight to discover this group of holy, mature, sensible people who had denounced the world in pursuit of the visionary quest. The Hindu Bible read like psychedelic manuals. The Hindu myths were session reports. The ashram itself was a turn-on.” 4)Timothy Leary, High Priest, New American Library, 1968, p. 297

Harvard professor, psychologist, and promoter of psychedelic drugs, Dr. Timothy Leary, recalls, in a piece titled ‘Flashbacks,’ a conversation he had with [Aldous] Huxley. Huxley said, ‘These brains drugs, mass produced in laboratories, will bring about vast changes in society. This will happen with or without you or me. All we can do is spread the word. The obstacle to this evolution, Timothy, is the Bible.’
Leary responded, ‘We had run up against the Judeo-Christian commitment to one God, one religion, one reality that has cursed Europe for centuries and America since our founding days. Drugs that open the mind to multiple realities inevitably lead to a polytheistic view of the universe. We sensed that the time for a new humanist religion based on intelligences, good-natured pluralism and scientific paganism has arrived.5)Brannon Howse, “The Grave Condition of America’s Worldview: 7 Dangerous Thinkers And Their Legacies That Just Won’t Die,” Worldview Weekend Digest, Vol. 7, Summer/Fall 2009, p. 14-16

But what might be an uncomfortable surprise to most people is the fact that most psychological drug such as Ritalin, is classified as a “schedule II” type drug. Along side Ritalin in this category is illegal substances such as PCP and cocaine, according to the classification of The United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

In every instance that I have investigated – the incident at the women’s school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane – the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current metal patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence.6)William Cooper, Behold the Pale Horse, Light Technology Publishing, 1991, p. 225

I have heard numerous other investigators claim that all the recent school shootings have proven links to Prozac or similar Psychiatric drugs as well. Such pharmaceuticals are extremely dangerous. The English word “pharmacy” is derived from the Greek word “phamakeia” which is translated in the King James Version as “sorcery” (Revelations 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, 22:15). Such sorcery is understandably what the shamans do by contacting spirits through mind altering drugs.

… [such] trance are quite common among users of psychedelic drugs such as LSD. Both create altered states of consciousness, which, as we have already explained (according to neuroscientists), loosen the normal connection between the human spirit occupying that body and the brain. With the normal connections loosened, another ‘spirit’ can interpose itself and tick off the neurons in the brain, thereby creating a universe of delusion that is indistinguishable from real life to the subject experiencing it. Thus, several LSD users who have all ‘dropped acid’ together may at times all experience the same mind adventures simultaneously. Here is proof that the delusion they are experiencing independently of each other, and yet together, has a common source outside of the brain – obviously an intelligent source that can create in the minds of those open to it what seem to be out-of-body experiences, UFO encounters, dying and rebirth episodes, and other mystical events.7)Dave Hunt, Yoga and the Body of Christ, The Berean Call, 2006, p. 130

A former leading New Ager convert to Christianity has admitted this truth of drugs being used as occult entries as well as these drugs giving entry to demon entities to your mind.

My experience with the ‘mind blowing’ hallucinogens are really quite typical of a great majority of New Agers. The psychedelic doorway flashing the seductive neon sign – ‘Gateway to Nirvana: Instant Enlightenment’ – has been (and continues to be) a major entry point into seeing reality the ‘New Age’ way for millions of truth seeking pilgrims. What I didn’t realize then was that these drugs were blowing open ‘holes’ in my mind that allowed demonic enchanters to further ensnare and brainwash my mind with glamorous psychedelic frauds.8)Randall N. Baer, Inside the New Age Nightmare, Huntington House, Inc., 1989, p. 7

This fact is without question. Even the most prominent drug advocates tell us this clearly.

Terrence McKenna, who has taken Timothy Leary’s place as the foremost champion of drugs for the purpose of supposedly “raising consciousness,” has traveled the world sampling psychoactive plants of all kinds and documenting their effects. He discovered that all of these substances were able to open contact to nonphysical entities who, says McKenna, “are trying to teach us something.” Indeed, that appears to be their insidious purpose.9)Dave Hunt, An Urgent Call To A Serious Faith, Harvest House Publishers, 2000, p.26-27

Marilyn Ferguson shows her agreement with this fact as her questionnaire proves, “They [the conspirators] designate the institution in transition they considered the most dynamic: medicine, 21 percent; psychology, 17 percent…”10)Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 419 The two highest scoring institutions in America for the cause of transforming our consciousness is medicine and psychology. Interestingly enough, it is specifically the psychiatric medicines prescribed by Psychiatrists that leave our minds empty, and thus open for contact and even possession by demonic beings which intend to lead us down the path to the occult. I hope everyone can understand that these drugs are issued to a targeted class of individuals, mainly that of the school age child, to produce an early and lasting effect on the next generation while they are still susceptible to conforming their thoughts through the education system. Most children are placed on these psychiatric drugs by Psychiatrists at the request of public school teachers that are uneducated and uncertified to prescribe such medications.

Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized, psycho-social treatment for student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists.
This will include biochemical and psychological mediation of learning, as drugs are introduced experimentally to improve in the learning such qualities as personality, concentration and memory.11)Phyllis Schlafly Report, in Utah Independent, December 23, 1976

These experiments have been done at the risk of our children’s welfare, in order to mold them to a personage of New Age “Aquarian conspirators,” so that they might fit into the new world society. This report from 1976 shows why Marilyn Ferguson was able to write about a “Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s” (the subtitle of The Aquarian Conspiracy). A disclosure most be added at this point to identify if anyone is using such psychiatric drugs cannot just quit them suddenly, but only under the guidance of a doctor by slow incriminates of winging off unto weaker sister drugs over a period of years. To suddenly stop taking these types of drugs is very dangerous.

The question may arise “who would do something like that?” The answer is found when we follow the money trail of the drug promoting publications.

The real eye-opener comes in the funding of High Times. According to the article in War on Drugs, ‘Going Beyond Flynt and Hustler,’ one finds the real ‘higher-ups’ behind the founding of High Times. The initial start-up capital for High Times came from a publishing company called the New American Library, a subsidiary of the Times-Mirror Corporation. Times-Mirror owns the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Times Herald, and runs a joint news service with Katharine Graham’s Washington Post. Robert Gutwilleg, former executive director of the New American Library, set up the German edition of Playboy and is now the co-owner of the European publishing house Newmag. Newmag puts out Lui magazine, which is modeled on Playboy.
Thus, a measure of control is apparent in both drug and porn promotion by news publications which are largely controlled by members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC).12)To Rule the World: The Conspiracy Influence on Modern History in the Light of Bible Prophecy, Revised Edition, Old Path Tract Society, Inc, 1981, p. 58

It is well to remember that the CFR and TC were funded and founded by the Rockefellers among others. This is exactly who Marilyn Ferguson agrees on pointing the finger at.

The Rockefeller, Ford, and Kellogg foundations funded programs exploring the interface of mind and health.13)Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 260

In 1975 and 1976 Rick Carlson an attorney specializing in health policy, and others organized small conferences… to acquaint government officials and legislative aides with the power of holistic concepts and alternative medicine. Those who attended had an opportunity to try biofeedback, meditation, imagery, relaxation and other psychotechnologies. Those meetings were quietly funded by Blue Cross-Blue Shield.
In 1976 ‘the Blues.’ the Rockefeller Foundation, and the University of California-San Francisco cosponsored a meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, where two hundred top policy makers were introduced to alternative health approaches, emphasizing the importance of the ‘inner physician.'14)ibid p. 261

Notice this conference was to “to acquaint government officials and legislative aides with the power of holistic concepts and alternative medicine.” One kind of “alternative medicine” which is listed in The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicines by Clair Hanrahan, and has been pushed into legislation, is marijuana 15)see, http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_g2603/is_0005/ai_2603000508/. “Fourteen years since California passed the first-in-the-nation medical marijuana law, pot is not just for the sick. Hundreds of medical doctors, operating without scrutiny, have helped make it available to nearly anyone who wants it. …the medical marijuana system they helped establish in 1996 has effectively become a legal cover to smoke pot.” 16)Lisa Leff and Marcus Wohlsen, “Doctor’s boost pot’s availability in California,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Tuesday, November 2, 2010, 4A
Marilyn Ferguson further explains about alternative medical options.

By 1977 there were weekly ‘rap groups’ at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), informal discussions of shamanic healing, meditation, aura diagnosis. .. Federal grants supported the study of body mind changes produced by the psychotechnologies.17) Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 263

So we see it is our own government as well as the individuals within it. Should this come to any surprise? In George Orwell’s book 1984, he depicted the government as a socialistic dictatorship ruled by the wealthy elite. In his fictional story, the government was searching for drugs to make the people more submissive as a way to control society better. We must question how successful the government may be at drugging a large portion of the unaware population? The introduction of fluoride in the water supply of many communities across the country proves that Americans are accepting of state regulated distribution of drugs to the populace, with little or no questioning or resistance.


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Heath Henning
Heath Henning
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